Mr Henderson  will be happy to arrange a mutually agreeable time for a telephone consultation about your foot and ankle problem.

It may be possible to arrange investigations and first line treatment based on an initial telephone call and potentially a face-time/zoom consultation at your foot or ankle.


If a formal face to face examination of your foot and ankle is needed this can be arranged and scheduled according to the urgency of the clinical problem.


For straightforward non-urgent problems definitive examination , imaging and surgical treatment may need to be scheduled after the current COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. We hope you understand.

Post – operative patients requiring dressings, cast changes or wire removal will be reviewed as normal in the Ulster Independent Clinic at a mutually agreed time.


All other reviews will initially be carried out as telephone/zoom consultations with further management arranged on an individualised basis.



For the duration of the Covid -19 Pandemic telephone consultations will attract the same new patient and review fees as a regular face to face consultation.

This policy has been agreed with the major private health insurance providers.


For all preplanned face to face appointments patients with any suggestion of cough , raised temperature or other features  of flu like illness should consult with Mr Henderson before attending the Ulster Independent Clinic so that appropriate arrangements can be made for the appointment.


The Ulster Independent Clinic will have in place a range of hygiene measures to discourage the transmission of Corona Virus.