Management of Foot and Ankle Problems

Mr Henderson provides assessment, investigation and management of a wide range of Foot and Ankle complaints.

These include :  Bunions and lesser toe disorders.

                            Forefoot pain (metatarsalgia).

                            Painful Flat Foot.

                            Ankle pain and instability.

                            Sport and Dance injuries to Foot and Ankle.                                                        Tendon disorders (including Achilles pain and rupture).                                    Heel Pain.

                            Arthritis of the Foot and Ankle.

                            Toenail Problems.

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Non-Surgical Procedures

Many Foot and Ankle Problems can be managed without the need for surgery.

Mr Henderson works with a number of excellent clinical colleagues and Allied Health Professionals to develop an individualised management plan for each patient.


This may include:

  • X-ray/Ultrasound guided Injections. 

  • Specialist Foot and Ankle Physiotherapy.

  • Insoles, Braces, Splints or simple Footwear adjustments.


Surgical Procedures

  •       Ankle and Hind Foot Arthroscopy.

  •       Ankle Joint Replacement.

  •       Joint Realignment.

  •       Joint Fusion.

  •       Joint Stabilisation.

  •       Straightening of Toes.